8 Inexpensive Acts of Charity You Can Do This Holiday Season

By harishsystango
December 21, 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic has taken its toll on people around the globe. There are thousands of people who lost their jobs and even suffered from the death of their closed ones. Needles to say, this holiday season it is not the same jolly and merry time for many out there. And, that’s why this year, it’s especially important to perform acts of charity & love, who knows they might have already struggled enough this year.  

There is no point thinking of in-person volunteering as this is not possible with the current social-distancing guidelines and many of us are too financially strapped to donate money. However, there are ways other than donating a considerable amount of money and going for in-person volunteering amid pandemic. 

Here are some of the inexpensive ways to do acts of charity this holiday season. 

  1. Donate Blood:

Blood.co.uk needs nearly 400 donors every day to meet the growing demands. They need 135,000 new donors every year to replace those who can no longer donate and 30,000 new donors with priority blood types such as O negative every year. Donating blood can save lives. The blood you donate is a lifeline in case of emergency and for people who are getting diagnosed from diseases like cancer. Moreover, this Christmas charity idea doesn’t consume much time and is neither heavy on your pocket.

In addition to saving other lives, donating blood brings benefits to the donor as well. Donating blood helps to release the extra toxins from our body and maintain proper blood flow. It also helps in balancing the iron level in the body.

  1. Donate to the communities in need:

If you will have a closer look at your closet, you will find several options to donate and you might be (obviously) planning to clean your closet before the New Year. So, while cleaning your closet, you can keep aside the clothes and jackets of you and your family members which you don’t use. You can reach out to local organizations working in your area to make sure that the stuff is reaching to the needy.

Acts of charity by the truly wealthy

Apart from this, you can also donate the nonperishables sitting in your pantry that you will never eat, toys and old books of your children, blankets if you have any. Instead of throwing this stuff or keeping it aside in your storeroom, you can donate to charity for Christmas.

  1.  Buy gifts from brands that give back:

Are you planning to buy or send gifts to your family and friends, then add donate to charity for Christmas by purchasing them from organizations which donate a specific share for acts of charity. Here are some of the gifts ideas with which you can perform charitable acts as well:

  • Get a lip balm from Zambeezi: Zambeezi brings you one of the best lip balms, which are the perfect gift option for your bestie. The best part about Zambeezi is, it is doing amazing things for communities. Zambeezi is providing fair jobs and wages to African farmers. They also utilize the company’s profits to help local churches build schools, clinics and other such projects.
  • Nordgreen: Are you planning to purchase a stylish watch for yourself or your dad? Then get a Nordgreen watch and get a chance to contribute towards society. For every Nordgreen donates to get 5 trees planted. They have also partnered with Water for Good, Pratham UK and Cool Earth, you can choose which charity to donate to.
  • Gift of Hope Haiti: Gift of Hope Haiti brings uniquely crafted accessories, apparels, bags, home goods and jewellery. The brand is working to break the cycle of poverty through job creation and orphan prevention. Thus, you become a part of the noble cause when you purchase accessories with this brand.
  1. Offer services for free in a virtual space:

What are your skills, can someone leverage your learning? . You can perform acts of charity by taking your skills to the internet by hosting online events and Zoom workshops. You can organize yoga classes or meditation classes or cooking classes for free. 

Christmas charity ideas by the truly wealthy

If you are a writer, you can write contents for non-profit organizations. If you have a garment shop, you can get a few t-shirts for needy children. If you are a graduate and looking for inexpensive Christmas charity ideas, then you can also help unemployed job seekers by editing their resumes for free. No matter your skill set, there are a myriad of ways you can make charity and be kind towards your community this festive season.

  1. Make Deliveries to Seniors and Others in Need:

You can help people like older adults and those with disabilities by delivering them meals and other necessary items such as prescription medicines. You can check out with the local NGOs and service groups to find out what they need and how you can help them. 

Donate to charity for Christmas by the truly wealthy
  1. Be kind:

If you are looking for some Christmas charity ideas that are really inexpensive, then practise gratitude and kindness this holiday season. You can do this by inviting a friend who is not able to go home because of the pandemic or by engaging in friendly conversation with your co-workers, your neighbours, a cashier at the grocery store. A little bit of positivity and care towards the people who live around us or with whom we work can go a long way and spread much-needed cheer during the current challenging year.

  1. Hand out gift cards:

If you are running short of time, and you have a budget of $100-$200 dollars, then you can hand out gift cards to those who are in need. You can go to a local grocery store and purchase $5-10 gift cards. Keep these cards in your car to hand out the needy families you see in the street. This is one of the easiest ways to donate to charity for Christmas.

  1. Give Holiday Cookies to Homeless:

Cookies are the perfect holiday gifts for any occasion. To get in the spirit of Christmas and New Year, you can hand out your favourite baked goods. You can plan a baking night with your family or friends, and make holiday treats to offer to the people in elder home or to children in local shelters. 

All in All,
Even one random act of kindness could send ripples through the community. The above-mentioned 8 inexpensive acts of charity are just a launching point. You can find more affordable ways to spread generosity and donate during this holiday season by researching the city’s website and asking nearby NGOs or schools about their current needs. Although donating is not something which is compulsory, however, helping out the needy, especially during the current time can turn stressful holidays into a time of joy and gratitude.

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