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We think of wealth in absolute terms — $ 5 million, $50 million, $ 5 billion — but the truth is wealth is relative. Sadly, most of us are oblivious to the real meaning of wealth. 

People who strive to simply accumulate more money than they could ever spend are caught in a perpetually fearful “poverty state of mind.” Sadly, they will never have enough as their entire identity is tied to what they have, not to who they truly are – a realization they have not discovered.

We all have that friend, brother or a daughter who is fixated on Money. Let’s empower everyone and give them a chance to discover what is true wealth and what are the types of wealth.

Assets That Enable Us to Lead a Rich Life

We build financial freedom mindset - Havin' money's not everything, not havin' it is.

Financial Wealth

Whoever first said “Money can’t buy happiness” was a spoiled little rich brat. There is an economic cost to living, period.

You need money in order to advance in ‘Physiological’ & ‘Safety’ the first 2 levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. But once it is in progress than you start prioritising more intangible things in life over money.

Money is not ultimate but IS a penultimate.

We ensure that you don't under deliver to your body & soul.

Emotional and Physical Wealth

Wellness is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle marked by a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

How would it feel to be in control of your life all of the time? Give yourself a chance for a holistic transformation.

The link between mind, body and soul is a scientific fact yet we choose to live in ignorance. The body has three separate neural pathway networks, leading to the head, the gut and the heart. These have been dubbed the three brains, all capable of controlling how we feel and how we react.

At last, If you don’t know how to cultivate one of the most imperative types of wealth – your health or mind will most definitely control you.

No one is too small to make a difference. We inspire you to do your bit.

IMPACT ‘The Gospel of Wealth'

“Suddenly life felt a bit meaningless. “

An entrepreneur said on the death of his mother from cancer in 2008 which ushered the way for a provoking thought:

“We were sitting there in a big house in Berkshire, with a house in the south of France, and two beautiful little girls and everything seems perfect … It [the death of my mother] made me feel more emotional … It probably made me start thinking about giving … I think another thing is when I sold the business I didn’t know, I felt like I wanted to start out giving but I didn’t have skills to or who to offer to, I hadn’t a clue, no one teaches you how to be philanthropic.”

Social entrepreneurship is the road less travelled but is one among the paths which will cause the building of hybrid businesses with triple-bottom lines.

Humans do not thrive alone. We prepare you for abundance in Relational wealth.

Relationship & Networking Wealth

What you might regret most at the end of your life:

It’s well established by psychologists that the quality of our relationships are immensely important to our wellbeing, far more important than how much money one makes. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that relational wealth is one of the most crucial types of wealth that one must try to acquire.

We found that humans regret romance the most. Lost loves and unfulfilling relationships clothed to be the foremost common regrets, People crave strong, stable social relationships and are unhappy once they lack them; regret embodies this principle.

The trouble isn’t that most of us don’t realise this in principle, but that so many of us find it hard to practise in day to day struggle to get ahead in life.

Ready to Never Look Back?

Now that you understand the many dimensions to wealth. Learn to build it & protect it.


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